Canberra Airport (CBR) Noleggio auto

Canberra 2609

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Dettagli della sede

Canberra International Airport, Canberra 2609, AU

+61 2 6248 9966

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Indicazioni all'arrivo

The Car Rental counter is located outside the terminal building. On arrival, make your way down to the arrival hall which is on the ground floor of the airport.

The arrival hall is divided into two- Virgin end and Qantas end. There are two main exits which are on either side of the taxi rank entry point (Qantas main exit and Virgin main exit). Once in the arrival hall, make your way outside the airport using the main exit in the Qantas end of the airport.

Once outside, with your back to the airport you should notice the following:
-Horseshoe driveway
-Vibe hotel and the overhead bridge in the distance.

Proceed down the footpath on the left side of the horseshoe driveway. You will need to cross the lane dedicated for taxi pick up to get onto the footpath.

The Enterprise office is the first office space as you proceed down the footpath. There is signage above head of the office entrance indicating Enterprise, and the wall inside the office is lit with the "Alamo", "Enterprise" and "National" branding. 

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