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Turkey is a large country that is only really possible to explore by road if you opt for car hire. The road network in most of the country and around the centrally located capital of Ankara is well maintained, and modern facilities are to be found in all the major urban centres. European-style road signs make navigation easy in Turkey, even if you have never visited the country before.

Things to See and Do in Turkey

A centre of manufacturing, many visitors come to Turkey each year for business. However, there is much more to see and do in the country other than visit its industrial bases. Istanbul, which sits on either side of the Bosphorus – the body of water that separates Asia from Europe – is among the most visited cities. Here, a major sight is the Hagia Sofia, formerly a cathedral built by the Roman Emperor, Justinian. It has wonderful architecture that belies its age. The Galati Tower, also in Istanbul, is a restaurant and viewing tower well worth visiting. Holidaymakers may prefer to head to Bodrum and Antalya, both major centres of tourism on the Mediterranean. Turkey is full of classical ruins, too, such as the Roman baths and temple complex in Ankara.

A Holiday by Car in Turkey

Driving around Turkey with a car rental is convenient and easy, thanks to National. Our staff will help you choose the right car hire option given your needs, from a cheap city run-around to a prestige vehicle more suited to Turkish motorways. Most tourists stick to the coast of Turkey and there are many cheap places to stay, close to the sea. Fewer holidaymakers head to the north, however. Here, car hire really comes into its own as you get into the less-visited parts of the country. Some of the scenery by the Black Sea coast is stunning and you can only really explore this region with a car rental service. Depending on the exchange rate, spending a holiday in Turkey can be quite cheap, as long as you stay away from the more highly developed resorts.

Famous Road Trips to Take in Turkey

Turkish roads become a bit more rugged the further east you head. However, a good road trip to opt for is a circular route, which begins and ends in Antalya. The 315-mile route heads east on the scenic D-400 before heading north to Beyşehir on the D-687. This provincial town stands on a lake. Head north around it on the D-350 before turning back south toward Antalya via the D-330 and D-685. Elsewhere, the 50-mile road trip from Marmaris, which has a superb water park, to Datça in the west, is a superb car journey that offers great views over the sea. Head along the Datça peninsula, which has some of the best-kept beaches in the Eastern Mediterranean.